Great photos need awesome light, depth and perfect focus. That‘s why we set out to create the best helper for your images and videos – so you can get better shots, every time.

Jump-Start Your Photography

light&depth combines the best depth of field calculator with a sun calculator, a light meter, exposure calculator and helpers for timelapses and star trails. It gives you all the tools you need to supercharge your photos.

Focus on your Scene – not the tool

We built light&depth to be quick and easy to use – so you can focus on your photography. Every tool has fast and precise controls, and every result is shown in an intuitive way. This way, you can build intuitions, instead of calculating in your head. light&depth allows you to change settings and view their effects live – no „calculate!“ button or keyboard necessary.

Infinitely Adjustable

light&depth can be customized to fit your style and equipment. You can customize the interface, and add your own prime lenses and aperture values. We provide a database of over 700 cameras, from classic film large-format cameras to state-of-the-art DSLMs. If your camera is missing, we will add it within 48h.