Augmented Reality Sun Path

Helioseek’s shows the Sun’s path directly in AR. Great to get an intuition, and awesome if you really want to take the perfect sunset shot.

With a simple tap on the camera image, Helioseek calculates exactly when the Sun will appear on that exact spot. Make the Sun a perfect part of your composition – and amaze your viewers.

Global Sun Maps

With Helioseek’s Sun maps, it’s easier than ever to plan the perfect shot. Get the perfect sunset as a backdrop for your next portrait – or make sure that your scene is beautifully lit from the perfect angle for stunning colors and awesome depth.

Sun maps tell you about the direction of the Sun at any time, and they include useful bands that tell you where the sun shines from in the Golden and Blue Hours. The search function quickly beams you across the entire globe.

Perfect Timing for your Shots

Great natural light is often about being at the right spot, at the right time. Helioseek can tell you when the Golden Hour, Sunrise, Sunset, and Twilight happen – down to the minute. Take advantage of breathtaking, warm early morning light – and check out when you need to leave the house for your sunset photo shoot.

Helioseek calculates civil, nautical, and astronomical dawn. If you want to find out more, check out our great Tutorial on Natural Light and Sun Light – it’s a quick read!

All about the Sun – on your Homescreen

Helioseek’s handcrafted widgets will give you a quick update on all things natural light – directly on the homescreen of your iPhone or iPad. Six widgets update you on the Golden Hour, Sunset, and the Sun’s path – and they really look beautiful!

Intuitive, and Powerful

Helioseek is really easy to use. With only two sliders, you can swipe your way throughout the entire year. Everything updates live as you go, so you can quickly see how the Sun’s light evolves during the year.

When you’re ready for more, Helioseek is there to help. The AR view helps you scout locations. Shadow, azimuth and zenith calculations can make tricky scenes a bit easier. In Maps, you can choose from satellite, hybrid, or standard maps, to suit your style.

Praise by Users

4.5 / 5 Stars

I’ve needed access to detailed sunset and sunrise information – this app performs that job perfectly and accurately. It’s also got the cleanest UI of any of these apps I’ve seen.

App Store Review

Ideal für Fotografen. Der Sonnenstand wird in einer übersichtlichen Grafik dargestellt- sehr praktisch, um den richtigen Zeitpunkt oder Standort festzustellen.

App Store Review